2015 Kentucky Bicycle Accident Statistics

2015 Kentucky Bicycle Accident Statistics

The number of bicycle crashes in Kentucky during 2015 was 405 according to the state’s Transportation Cabinet. The average number of injury crashes decreased during 2015 from the 2011-2014 average by 13.2 percent. However, the number of fatal crashes increased by 75 percent from the 2011-2014 average. Seven (7) bicycle accident fatalities were reported in Kentucky during 2015. The injury crashes reported in 2015 totaled 276.

Bicycle Helmet Laws in Kentucky

While Kentucky does not have a statewide bicycle helmet law, there are some local laws requiring riders to wear bicycle helmets, including Louisville parks and Louisville Extreme Park.

Fayette and Jessamine Counties Bike Walk Program

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan promotes safe bicycling and walking within Fayette and Jessamine Counties. The goals of the plan are:

  • A balanced transportation system;
  • Sustainable community development;
  • Security and safety for pedestrians and riders;
  • Economic vitality; and,
  • Quality of life and active living.

The objectives of the balanced transportation system including bike & pedestrian facilities, complete streets, connectivity, universal access to transportation, ensure that facilities and programs serve all residents and adequate funding. The community development objectives including walking and biking facilities in the basic infrastructure and redevelopment projects. In addition to providing recreation and park facilities within easy bicycling and walking distances from neighborhoods, another objective is to make is safe for students to walk or ride bicycles to school.

The safety and security goal seeks to increase awareness of the rules of the road by drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. It also includes maintaining trails, roads, sidewalks, and streets to provide safe use for pedestrians and riders. Increasing enforcement of traffic laws and traffic calming are also objectives for safety and security.

The plan also seeks to enhance and expand tourism opportunities and business opportunities related to walking and bicycling. Finally, the active living and quality of life goals have objectives including promoting the benefits of walking and cycling, creating child-friendly communities that encourage these activities, and assisting seniors to remain active.

State Efforts for Safe Bicycling

Kentucky’s Bicycle and Bikeway Commission (KBBC) promotes safe riding throughout the state. More information about bicycling in Kentucky can be found on the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s website.

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