Arizona Fatal Bicycle Accident Statistics

Arizona Fatal Bicycle Accident Statistics

Arizona reported a total of 29 bicycle fatalities for 2015, which is the same as was reported the year before and down slightly from 31 in 2013. This information comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In 2012, the total was 18, which is the lowest for the ten-year reporting period.

This number represents a total of three percent of all traffic fatalities involving a motor vehicle for 2015 in Arizona. The state does not have a helmet law for cyclists. Studies show that helmet use can reduce the number of head injuries by 50 percent and the number of face and neck injuries by 33 percent.

Nationwide, there was a total of 817 cyclists killed in traffic fatalities that involved a motor vehicle. The number was a 13 percent increase from the year before but a decrease of 19 percent since 1975. The majority of deaths which occurred in 2015 had victims who were at least age 20. In fact, 88 percent of deaths were in this age category while there has been an 88 percent decline in deaths of those under age 20 since 1975.

The majority of all bicycle-related deaths occur after 3 PM and before 9 PM. Two-thirds occur at non-intersections. Over half occur on major roads but not on interstates.

Over half of the counties in Arizona reported at least one bicycle death with one county reporting more than five. Maricopa County led the list with 15 for 2015, which is down from the 18 reported in 2014. Pima County had five, which was a decline from seven for the year before. Pinal County came in with four for the year while Mohave County had just two. Coconino County was the lowest with only one bicycle fatality for the year.

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