Arizona Fatal Truck Accident Statistics

Arizona Fatal Truck Accident Statistics

There were 893 traffic fatalities in Arizona for 2015, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). There were also 1,223 drivers involved in the fatal crashes. Of those fatalities, 566 involved some kind of truck, van or bus.

Traffic accident deaths involving pickup trucks had increased since 2011 when there were 97. In 2015, there were 106 fatalities with pickups, which has been steadily increasing with the exception of 2014 which had 74. On the other hand, utility truck crash deaths have gone down since 2011. That year, there were 121 fatalities, and in 2015 there were 106. Once again, 2014 was the lowest year with 81.

Van fatalities have also seen an increase from 20 in 2011 to 30 in 2015. Large truck accident fatalities have been decreasing until 2015. In 2011, there were 16 and the numbers went down each year until 2015 when they spiked back up to 17.

Several counties in Arizona have seen increases in the number of deaths related to truck crashes over the past five years while a few have actually seen numbers decrease slightly. Maricopa County had the highest number with 67 while Coconino County came in at a distant second with 29. Third was Pinal County with 26. While Maricopa County has the highest number, it is a decline from 2013, which saw 89 truck fatalities. Coconino County had its highest number in 2015 while Pinal County’s 2015 numbers were second highest.

Arizona is above the national average for fatalities per 100,000 at 13.08. The US average is 10.92. By far, the majority of crashes are single-vehicle accidents while almost half of them involved speeding. A large portion also involved leaving the roadway. Only 91 of the 893 fatalities involved a large truck. If you or a member of your family has been injured in a truck crash, seek legal help as soon as possible.

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