Big Rig Accidents in Georgia

Big Rig Accidents in Georgia

Georgia’s heavily traveled highways include I-95 and I-75. The state’s Department of Public Safety has revealed it has the fifth highest number of fatal commercial motor vehicle accidents in the country. Many of these occur in heavily populated areas and on interstate highways. Moving violations cause the most accidents that occur at the fault of a truck driver, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Defective brakes and steering parts can lead to accidents, as investigators often find, but drivers who don’t get enough rest contribute to many accidents.

Obeying traffic laws, resting, maintaining equipment, and being aware of other motorists can prevent many big rig accidents. Tractor trailers, weighing more than 10,000 pounds and sometimes much higher, present a major risk to motorists. Head on collisions, rollovers, and jackknife accidents can put more weight and force on a car than if the crash occurred with a vehicle of similar size.

Large Truck Accident Fatalities

YearNumber of Deaths

These numbers are based on the NHTSA’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System, which puts populated Fulton and Dekalb Counties as the top on the list of all motor vehicle fatalities reported. Its latest Traffic Safety Facts report noted 178 large truck accidents involving fatalities or 4.4 percent of the total in the nation for large trucks. It also revealed 17 fatalities of occupants of single vehicles, and nine involving multiple vehicles; 142 occupants of other cars or trucks were killed in truck-related accidents. This reflects national data that indicates a majority of fatal injuries occur with people in other vehicles when struck by large trucks.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Numbers

In 2014, the bureau reported a total number of work related injuries of 148; of these, 59 were transportation related and 27 involving tractor-trailer accidents. The transportation incidents often occur on public roads and represented a quarter of deaths that occurred on-the-job in Georgia. Work-related fatalities don’t provide a complete picture of big rig accident fatalities, as most deaths happen with people of other motor vehicles.

AAA Statistics

In a report by the American Automobile Association issued by the Georgia DOT, the AAA stated there were 1,750 vehicles involved in crashes with large trucks in 2009. It also said 75 percent of these were occupants of other vehicles, similar to the 74 percent noted by the NHTSA.

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