Big Rig Accidents in Wyoming

Big Rig Accidents in Wyoming

In Wyoming, there was a total of 13,846 vehicle crashes reported in 2016. This included 100 fatal crashes with 112 deaths. The number of injured was 3,314 in a total of 2,457 incidents. That number is slightly lower than the last 8 years. Most fatal crashes occurred in the months of November, December and January. 1,264 big rigs were involved in accidents in 2016. Of these, 17 crashes were fatal, and 238 resulted in injuries.

Contributing Crash Circumstances

Contributing circumstances are factors that may have caused or contributed to the occurrence of a collision. The most common vehicle issues that contributed included tire problems, power train issues, and brakes. Alcohol was a factor in 29% of all deadly collisions in 2016 in the state. This number is down from previous years.

Many truck accidents occurred on country roads rather than in urban areas. In 2016, 13 deadly truck crashes occurred on an interstate, 5 on primary roads, 1 on secondary roads and 1 on an M route. Accidents on city streets did not result in any deaths.

Truck Collision Data

Truck collision data from the last five years shows the following:

YearFatal Truck CrashesFatalitiesTruck Driver Deaths

The number of fatalities is higher than the total crashes. This is because multiple people died in these collisions. Also, the driver of the truck is less likely to die in a crash than are the passengers of the other vehicles. The report does not indicate which driver was at fault for the accident.

Road Conditions

Road conditions play a role in fatal collisions in Wyoming. Of all fatal accidents in 2016, most of them, 86 happened on dry pavement. 7 happened on icy or frosty roadways, 2 on snow, 1 on slush and 4 on wet roads. The type of surface is also a consideration. 88 deadly incidents took place on asphalt, 10 on concrete pavement, 1 on dirt and 1 on gravel or rock. Weather conditions were most often clear. 4 deadly incidents happened in rain, 6 in snow and 1 in a reported blizzard.

Lighting conditions in fatal collisions were considered in crash data. 66 happened in daylight, 23 in dark and unlit conditions, and 5 at dawn, 3 at dusk and 3 in dark lighted roadways. Unlit roadways can be dangerous. People are usually less likely to die at night on roads that are properly lit.

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