California Accident Statistics

California Accident Statistics

Across the United States in 2014, more than 32,000 people in motor vehicle crashes, which was a slight decrease from the year before. Overall, California also witnessed a decrease in traffic fatalities, though a closer look at the most recent completed statistics show an uptick in certain types of fatal accidents.

All in all, California had 3,074 traffic fatalities, a slight decrease from 2013 when 3,107 people were killed across the state, but a significant increase from the ten-year low of 2,720 seen in 2010. While the number of people using seat belts has increased over the years, 476 people were unrestrained at the time of the accident and lost their lives.

Drunk driving also continues to be a problem in the state, and though alcohol related deaths have fallen from a ten-year high of 1,298 in 2005 to a low of 774 in 2010 and 2011, alcohol impaired drivers took the lives of 882 people in 2014. Speeding also continues to be a factor in a significant number of fatalities. In fact, 991 people died in speed-related accidents in 2014, a decrease of only one death from the year before.

Pedestrian, Motorcycle, and Bicycle Fatalities

About 697 pedestrians were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2014, which is a decrease of 37 fatalities from the year before. Still, in 2009, only 567 pedestrians lost their lives to auto wrecks.

The number of motorcyclists killed in California has jumped from a ten-year low in 2010 of 352 fatalities, to a high of 519 in 2014. Despite the jump, more motorcyclists are wearing helmets as only 24 of the fatally injured were not helmeted.

Much like the national statistics, the number of bicyclists killed on California roadways has increased from a ten-year low of 99 deaths to 128 in 2014. While this represents a large jump, it also shows a decrease from the year before when 147 bicyclists were killed on the road.

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