Car Crash Fatalities – Nebraska

Car Crash Fatalities – Nebraska

There were 218 motor vehicle fatalities in Nebraska in 2016. This was a decline from 246 fatalities in 2015. There was 17,962 motor vehicle-related injuries during the same year compared to 16,806 injuries in 2015. As of 2016, Nebraska's fatality rate is 0.92 per 100 million miles traveled. This is a decline from 1.08 in 2015.

Teenage fatalities are an area of concern in this state. While teens make up only 10% of all drivers in the state, they account for 1 in 15 accidents. In 2016, 17 teens died in accidents. A spokesman for Nebraska Safety Council states that these deaths could have been prevented if only the teens had buckled up. Each one of the teens who died was not wearing a seatbelt.

A study by the Department of Health and Human Services shows that crash fatalities are five times more likely to occur in rural areas as compared to the urban environment. Roads in rural areas are much narrower and have limited shoulders and closer ditches.

Reasons for Car Crashes in Nebraska

Findings from the Nebraska Annual Traffic Safety Study 2015 reveal the leading problems related to road safety which included distracted driving, drunk/impaired driving and traffic and road conditions. 11% of the sample population indicated that they had been driving while impaired by alcohol. 23% indicated that they had driven within two hours of drinking alcohol.

There was a total of 139,771 driver convictions in Nebraska in 2016. 1,816 drivers were convicted for careless driving in 2016 while 1,779 were convicted for negligent driving. 59 underage drivers were arrested for driving under the influence. 4,462 drivers were convicted of following too closely and 1,346 for improper lane change. There was a total of 62,693 speeding convictions. A study conducted by the National Safety Council gave Nebraska a D in terms of road safety. This rating was primarily due to poor compliance for seat belt use.

Nebraska also needs improvements to its roads and bridges which could improve safety for drivers. 25% of major roads in the state are in either poor or mediocre condition. 15% of Nebraska's bridges are structurally deficient. Roadway features are a contributing factor in nearly one-third of traffic fatalities.

Economic Costs of Car Crashes – Nebraska

Motor vehicle crashes result in loss of wages and productivity and an increase in healthcare expenses, administrative costs and motor vehicle damages. Estimated economic cost of crashes for Nebraska in 2015 was nearly $1 billion. Death accounted for $369 million, disabling injury $134 million, visible injury $113 million, possible injury $228 million and property-damage crashes accounted for $157 million.

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