Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic Injuries

Any injury that causes death or permanently impairs functionality is considered catastrophic. This type of damage may include severe burns, organ damage, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, amputation, multiple fractures, and nerve damage.

If you or your loved one suffered catastrophic injury because of a negligent driver, and you need financial compensation because you have missed work and lost wages, or you are unable to return to your job and are wondering how you will meet your ongoing medical costs and daily expenses, know that you are protected by the law and have the right seek recovery.

Any catastrophic injury may require that you have ongoing medical care and continuing rehabilitation, you may need a personal caregiver to help you with your activities of daily living, and have special transportation needs. Odds are, these things will cost money and could put an undue financial burden on your loved ones.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Severe burns are incredibly painful, prone to infection, take a long time to heal, and leave permanent scarring. Burn treatments may be painful, and the open wounds are ripe for deep infections. The risk of death increases for those who suffer severe burns over a large part of the body.

Ligament and tendon damage may be difficult to treat, slow to heal and leave the victim with lifelong weakness and recurring problems.

Accident victims may suffer multiple fractures, compound breaks, and bone crush injuries that may require complex surgical procedures and remain areas of weakness that are prone to arthritis or issues.

The kidneys, liver, lungs, and eyes are internal organs commonly injured in crashes. Blunt force trauma, injury from flying glass and debris, not to mention rollover crush injuries can be debilitating and disabling.

Traumatic brain injury includes concussions, brain damage, and closed head injuries, any of which can lead to changes in the brain, and have a detrimental effect on cognitive functionality and mental state.

Injury to the nerves at the base of the cord, or to the spinal cord can lead to permanent weakness, loss of sensation, and loss of function below the area of injury. Victims may suffer paralysis and require rehabilitation and device assistance for the rest of their lives.

Compensation for Catastrophic Injury

Everyone needs some type of financial stability, but if you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury you may not be able to work and support you and your family. If your injury was caused by the negligence of someone else, you might be able to seek financial compensation for your injuries, losses, and damages. We’ve spent the last 25 years fighting for those who are harmed due to no fault of their own, and we stand ready to fight for you. Call us today to learn more about your legal options.

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