Colorado Bicycle Accident Statistics

Colorado Bicycle Accident Statistics

According to information provided by the Colorado Department of Transportation, 16 bicyclists died in traffic-related accidents during 2015 in the state. This total was an increase from 2015 (14 deaths) and 2014 (10 deaths). Colorado does not have a helmet law; however, it has taken steps to provide for the safety of bicyclists throughout the state.

Colorado’s Efforts to Promote Bicycle Safety

Most states, including Colorado, have programs aimed at making it safer to ride for bicyclists within their states. The Colorado Department of Transportation has several programs promoting safety for bicyclists. The DOT has information on its website for riders including health information, a Colorado bicycling map, a statewide bicycling manual, and information and resources regarding Colorado Bike Month, Bike to Work Day, safety information, and resources for bicyclists.

Drive Smart Colorado also has a website dedicated to bicycle safety. On the website, you can find information about safety, in addition to many resources for riders of various ages. Safe Routes to School has reached over 87,000 students in 200 Colorado schools to help teach kids about safety measures and how to ride a bicycle. The program strives to promote safety for children who ride their bicycle to school.

In addition, Bicycle Colorado teaches adults about safe bicycle commuting by developing a Bicycle Commuter Services program. The three-day program begins with learning the essentials to stay safe while commuting to work on a bicycle, including traffic navigation, bike safety equipment, and general safety tips. On day two, participants learn about basic bike mechanics so they can maintain their bicycle and make simple repairs such as fixing a flat tire. Day three of the program involves a group ride to introduce bikers to a variety of different roads and intersections to help them gain confidence and learn more about commuting to work by bicycle.

In addition to state and private programs, your city or county may also have bicycle safety programs. You can check with your local law enforcement agency or local government to inquire about programs that promote safety for bicyclists.

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