Colorado Fatal Crash Statistics

Colorado Fatal Crash Statistics

Colorado has unfortunately seen a steady increase in the number of motorcycle fatalities since 2011 when 78 riders died to 106 motorcycle fatalities in 2015. A campaign has been launched to replace and restore overhead signs on a portion of the heavily used U.S. 36 in hopes of reducing the number of motorcycle and vehicle occupant fatalities.

Helmets are required for ages 18 and under, though adults are not required to wear a helmet in Colorado. Of the 106 motorcycle fatalities that occurred in 2015, 39 were helmeted while 67 were classified as unhelmeted. Helmets can potentially save lives. The unhelmeted fatality statistics have increased each year since 2011 and may continue to do so unless action is taken by state officials and lawmakers.

There was a particular age group that continually had the most motorcycle fatalities from 2011 until 2015. The 50 to 59 age bracket had the highest number of deaths in 4 out of the last 5 years. Only in 2013 did the 40 to 49 age group have more than the 50 to 59 age group. All age groups showed an increase in death over the last 5 years except for 40 to 49-year-olds who saw a minor decrease.

Colorado has a high number of counties due to the small size. The Centennial state has 64 counties total. 41 counties reported 0 rider deaths in 2015. 15 counties reported 1 to 5 deaths, and 8 counties reported 6 to 15 deaths. No county had more than15 deaths reported within the state.

In 2015 there was an estimated 37 percent that were known helmeted motorcycle operators or passengers. The estimated lives saved was approximately 23, and if 100 percent of the motorcycle operators and passengers wore helmets, it is also estimated that an additional 25 lives could be saved.

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