Connecticut Pedestrian Fatal Accident Statistics

Connecticut Pedestrian Fatal Accident Statistics

In Connecticut, there were 266 total vehicle collision fatalities in 2015.  The state had .84 fatalities per 100 miles traveled, which was better than the average of 1.13 of the United States as a whole.  Connecticut also had only 7.41 car accident fatalities per 100,000 of the population, while the United States as a whole had a figure of 10.92 fatalities per 100,000 of the population.

During the first six months of 2016, vehicle accident deaths increased significantly, by 45%.  The National Safety Council found that Connecticut had 138 car accident fatalities from January 1st, 2016 through June 30th, 2016.  This resulted in a 45% increase from 2015, during which there were just 95 fatalities during the same six-month period.

Pedestrian Fatalities in Connecticut

There were 45 pedestrian fatalities that occurred in Connecticut in 2015.  This number is down slightly from the year 2014, during which there were 47 fatalities.  In 2015, the 45 fatalities represented 17% of the overall motor vehicle accident fatalities occurring for this year.

Factors in Motor Vehicle Accidents Resulting in Pedestrian Fatalities

According to the director of the Connecticut Public Interest Research Group, one of the major factors increasing fatal motor vehicle accidents is low gas prices.  Due to the decrease in gas prices, there may be more drivers choosing to use their vehicles for transportation, rather than using buses or other forms of public transportation, or walking or bicycling.   Other factors noted as reasons for the increase in fatal car accidents in the state in 2016 were distracted driving and a loss of “civility” in driving practices.

Pedestrians are particularly at risk for these fatal accidents due to distracted drivers potentially not being able to see the pedestrian in their path until it is too late to avoid striking them.  Pedestrians are also at a greater risk if they are distracted themselves – meaning talking on their phone or texting while they are walking from place to place.

In Connecticut, pedestrian incidents occur most often on the weekdays, with 78% of pedestrian accidents occurring from Monday through Friday.  Twenty-two percent of pedestrian accidents in this state occur on Saturday through Sunday.

Watch For Me – Pedestrian Safety Campaign

This state has implemented a campaign to promote safety for pedestrians and cyclists in the roadways called “Watch For Me.”  The goals of this program are to teach and educate drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists in the rules of the road and how to avoid collisions.  The program also seeks to instruct pedestrians to walk in marked cross walks when they are present and to avoid darting out where cars may be unable to see them.  Connecticut’s Watch for Me program also warns pedestrians of the dangers of wearing dark clothing and walking in the roadways when there are sidewalks available.

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