Delaware Mature Driving Laws

Delaware Mature Driving Laws

It can be difficult for mature drivers and their families to know when driving is no longer safe for them. Deciding when it is time for a mature driver to stop driving can be an emotional process for everyone involved. In some states, the government has set limits for drivers over a certain age by enacting laws designed to prevent senior drivers from continuing to drive unless they meet certain requirements. These laws may include provisions for:

  • Additional testing such as written exams, road tests, and enhanced eye exams;
  • Shorter renewal periods;
  • Doctor’s certification;
  • In-person driver’s license renewals; and,
  • Limits on driving hours and driving distances.

Delaware does not have any special mature driving laws; however, the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles recognizes the need to assist mature drivers, and their families know when a person needs to give up driving due to age or health concerns.

Delaware Senior Drivers

The Division of Motor Vehicles has a special section on its website dedicated to senior drivers. The information provided by the DMV is designed to help mature drivers assess their driving abilities. By taking the self-assessment, individuals can identify weaknesses to help them decide if they need to limit driving or give up driving entirely.

The website also provides information for families who are trying to determine if a loved one should continue driving. Below are several warning signs that a mature driver may be an unsafe driver:

  • Becoming lost in familiar places;
  • Missing traffic signs and signals;
  • Difficulty merging;
  • Vehicle dents and scrapes;
  • Hitting mailboxes and other stationary objects;
  • Frequently weaving or erratic lane changes; and,
  • Forgetting to buckle the seatbelt.

For the full list of warning signs for mature drivers, visit the DMV website. The website also has suggestions for discussing driving issues with seniors, planning for the future, and driving tips for mature drivers.

What if My Parent Won’t Stop Driving?

If a senior driver is having difficultly driving and you are concerned, you need to have an open and honest conversation with your loved one. In some cases, a family member has tried everything to help their loved one realize it is time to give up driving for safety reasons without success. When this occurs, the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles has a procedure in place for requesting a re-examination of the driver. The DMV will review your request and take appropriate action. After the re-examination, the DMV may take steps to restrict the person’s driving privileges or revoke driving privileges entirely.

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