Fatal Bus Accidents in Mississippi

Fatal Bus Accidents in Mississippi

Mississippi has a number of regulations created to maximize bus transportation safety. A few statutes prescribe the addition of lights to certain kinds of vehicles, including buses, to maximize their visibility at night time. The use of reflectors is also mandatory. Such requirements are easy to understand because many fatal collisions occur early in the morning, at dusk or during the night.

Regardless of these legal provisions, Mississippi still sees fatal bus crashes. Here are some of the latest figures pertaining to fatalities resulting from such crashes in the state.

The Latest Statistical Reports

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the entity responsible for putting together detailed reports about vehicle collisions and their severity. As far as bus crashes go, FMCSA has fatality reports for the period from 2013 to 2017:

Buses involved12813643
Number of Crashes12313543

As you can see, fatal collisions have unfortunately increased in 2017, regardless of the fact that statistics for the year are incomplete.

Earlier FMCSA reports suggest that in 2013, Mississippi witnessed three fatal bus accidents that caused the death of three people. In 2014, there were three collisions that contributed to three deaths, as well.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics also publishes interesting annual reports because it calculates the number of collisions as a percentage of the overall fatality number. In 2010, Mississippi had zero fatal bus crashes. In 2011, there were two fatal collisions representing 0.3 percent of the deadly crashes occurring on the territory of the state. As you can see, the percentage is a rather small one. Passenger cars get involved in fatal collisions much more often, which signifies that bus transportation can be considered a lot safer.

Here’s how this data compares to overall averages. According to a State of Mississippi FY – 2015 Highway Safety Plan report, the total in 2012 was 69,9336 (a significant reduction from a total of 74,122 in 2008). The number of fatal accidents was 507 (a reduction from 711 in 2008). These collisions caused the death of 507 people.

The Newest Mississippi Fatal Crashes

The 2017 statistics for the state paint such a bleak picture, since a single accident occurring at the beginning of the year took the lives of four people.

In March, a bus and a train collided in Biloxi, Mississippi. The freight train slammed into a commercial charter vehicle that was carrying 50 passengers. Eyewitnesses reported that the vehicle appeared to be stuck on the train tracks. Four people were killed immediately, and many other passengers sustained injuries.

The bus was operated by a Texas-based company, and it was traveling from Austin. The passengers were going on a six-day trip along the Gulf Coast.

A thorough investigation took place after the deadly crash. Investigators found out that the specific location had a particularly long history of accidents. Apart from the bus crash, another similar collision had occurred there earlier in 2017.

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