Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in Kentucky

Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in Kentucky

Kentucky is a Midwest state known for its horse racing, bourbon, and college basketball. In 2015, the population of Kentucky was recorded at 4,425,092 people. In 2005, the population in Kentucky was 4,173,405, and over the next five years, the population reached 4,339,367 in 2010. When you compare these statistics, you can assume that the population of Kentucky is growing over time. Most people would think that more people would mean more fatal traffic accidents as well.

The statistics below show the number of accidents, deaths and deaths per 100,000 people each year. When you compare these numbers, you see that the number of accidents and the number of people who die in accidents, and the number of people who die per 100,000.

  • 2005, 885 accidents resulted in 985 people dying, or 23.6 people per 100,000
  • 2007, 803 accidents resulted in 864 people dying, or 20.4 people per 100,000
  • 2009, 730 accidents resulted in 791 people dying, or 18.3 people per 100,000
  • 2010, 694 accidents resulted in 760 people dying, or 17.5 people per 100,000
  • 2011, 670 accidents resulted in 721 people dying, or 16.5 people per 100,000
  • 2013, 590 accidents resulted in 638 people dying, or 14.5 people per 100,000
  • 2015, 694 accidents resulted in 761 people dying, or 17.2 people per 100,000

While the number of fatal traffic accidents is decreasing across the country as a whole, pedestrian deaths are rising, and this includes Kentucky. In 2005, about 54 pedestrians were killed by motor vehicles, accounting for about 5 percent of the total number of people who are killed in traffic crashes. This number increased over the next five years as 61 pedestrians were killed, equaling about five percent of the total number of traffic deaths. By 2015, pedestrian deaths hit a high of 67 pedestrian deaths, which accounted for nine percent of the total number of lives lost to motor vehicles.

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