Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in Maine

Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in Maine

Maine is the easternmost state in the nation and is known for its beautiful scenery and delicious seafood. The population of Maine as of 2015 was 1,329,328 people. Ten years prior, in 2005 the recorded population of the state was 1.321,505 individuals. Five years later in 2010, the population grew by about 7,000, reaching a total population of 1,328,361. When comparing these numbers, you are able to assume that the population is growing, but the growth has slowed over time.

The statistics below show the number of accidents, deaths and deaths per 100,000 people each year. When you compare these numbers, you see that the number of accidents and the number of people who die in accidents has stayed relatively consistent.

  • 2005, 151 accidents resulted in 169 people dying, or 12.8 people per 100,000
  • 2007, 170 accidents resulted in 183 people dying, or 13.9 people per 100,000
  • 2009, 153 accidents resulted in 159 people dying, or 12.1 people per 100,000
  • 2010, 144 accidents resulted in 161 people dying, or 12.1 people per 100,000
  • 2011, 126 accidents resulted in 136 people dying, or 10.2 people per 100,000
  • 2013, 137 accidents resulted in 145 people dying, or 10.9 people per 100,000
  • 2015, 144 accidents resulted in 156 people dying, or 11.7 people per 100,000

Unfortunately, the rate of pedestrian deaths had not remained consistent; it has actually jumped. In 2005, about nine pedestrians lost their lives in traffic crashes, which was about five percent of the total number of people who died in crashes.

But by 2010, the number of deaths jumped to 12, accounting for about seven percent of the total number of accident fatalities. In 2015, 19 people were killed while they were out walking, heading to school or work, jogging around town, and even heading to a bus stop. These deaths account for nearly 12 percent of the total number of people killed in vehicle accidents.

These statistics give us insight into how well safety initiatives are working. As you can see, Maine needs to focus more on keeping the most vulnerable road users safe from motor vehicle traffic.

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