Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in Missouri

Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in Missouri

Missouri had a recorded population of 6,083,672 people as of 2015. Ten years earlier, the population was around 200,000 less, but in 2010, the population had increased to 5,988,927 people. When you compare the population of Missouri over the past ten years, it is evident that the population is slowly and consistently growing in size.

In the statistics listed below, you can see traffic accidents, traffic related deaths, and deaths per 100,000 people, per year. When you compare these numbers, you can see that the number of traffic accidents and accident related deaths have gone down over the past ten years. These numbers have been decreasing despite the increase in Missouri’s population over the past ten years.

  • 2005, 840 accidents caused 931 deaths, or 31.9 people per 100,000
  • 2007, 900 accidents caused 992 deaths, or 16.9 people per 100,000
  • 2009, 786 accidents caused 878 deaths, or 14.7 people per 100,000
  • 2010, 776 accidents caused 819 deaths, or 13.7 people per 100,000
  • 2011, 714 accidents caused 784 deaths, or 13.0 people per 100,000
  • 2013, 683 accidents caused 757 deaths, or 12.5 people per 100,000
  • 2015, 802 accidents caused 869 deaths, or 14.3 people per 100,000

When a traffic accident happens not only the occupants of the vehicles involved are in danger. People walking, standing, sitting, or jogging near the road are even more vulnerable to injury or death caused by traffic accidents.

During 2015, Missouri experienced the deaths of 104 people who were near the road, accounting for 12 percent of the traffic related deaths that year. Ten years earlier in 2005, there were 88 pedestrians killed or 7 percent of the traffic related deaths. Finally, five years later in 2010, 55 pedestrians were killed, which was 7 percent of the total number of people killed in traffic crashes. When comparing these numbers, it is difficult to distinguish a pattern between the year and the number of pedestrian deaths.

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