Florida Fatal Pedestrian Statistics

Florida Fatal Pedestrian Statistics

Motor Vehicle Accidents in Florida

In the state of Florida, there were 2,939 traffic accident fatalities.  Miami-Dade County led the state in accident fatalities, making up 12% of the total.  The county with the next highest rate of traffic accident fatalities was Broward County, with 8% of the total traffic fatalities.  Miami-Dade County, however, has the largest population of any county in Florida, followed by Broward County.  Alcohol-impairment was a cause of 797 motor vehicle accident deaths in Florida in the year 2015.

Florida Fatal Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian fatalities are an increasing problem in the state of Florida.  According to a study done by the Governor’s Highway Association, pedestrian fatalities in Florida increased by 8% in 2016 when compared to the year 2015.  Throughout the United States, there were 34 states that saw an increase in pedestrian deaths, with 15 states and the District of Columbia seeing decreases in pedestrian motor vehicle accident deaths.  In the first half of the year 2015, Florida led the nation with the most pedestrian deaths per 100,000 residents, with a rate of 1.35.  The next states on the list were Arizona and Delaware, tied with 1.27.  

Risk Factors in Fatal Pedestrian Accidents

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, approximately 75% of pedestrian fatalities occur after dark.  Another risk factor involved in pedestrian accidents is the use of alcohol, with about one-third of all pedestrians killed in motor vehicle accidents, have been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision.  Comparatively, just 15% of drivers of motor vehicles who were involved in these pedestrian accidents were themselves under the influence of alcohol above the legal limit.  Another factor that was initially thought to be a cause was the higher general age of Florida’s residents when compared to other states, however, when specifically studied, this was not proven to be a legitimate factor in Florida’s high rate of pedestrian fatalities.

Florida’s Efforts to Reduce Pedestrian Deaths

Florida is focusing on efforts to combat the rise of pedestrian deaths by implementing various safety measures.  Florida has launched a statewide campaign for bike and pedestrian safety, focused in the areas of the state in which pedestrian and cyclist fatalities are the most prevalent.  They are also working to revamp their transportation system to improve the way roads are planned out, designed, and built so that safety is a stronger focus.  Some of the specifics of these improvements include high-visibility crosswalks for pedestrians, along with more count-down signals and increased lighting in areas pedestrians frequent.

The Florida Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Coalition

Additionally, the Florida Department of Transportation created the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Coalition.  The Coalition focuses its programs and campaigns with the goal of increasing compliance with and knowledge of traffic laws.  These goals are met by educating Floridians on understanding signs and signals regulating pedestrians, teaching pedestrians how to avoid distractions, and teaching residents to reduce impaired and distracting driving.  These programs also teach residents how to avoid speeding.

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