Following Too Close – Tailgating

Following Too Close – Tailgating

You’ve probably experienced it: the frustration of trying to get where you need to go and getting stuck behind a slow driver. Sometimes, there’s just not much worse than traveling mile after mile after mile behind a vehicle that’s just creeping along. How you handle that frustration, however, could be a matter of life or death.

The two second rule was designed to keep drivers and their passengers safe, but when stuck behind a slow moving vehicle some drivers become aggressive and get as close as possible to the car in front of them, trying to force the driver to move faster. Some aggressive drivers will even flash their lights or honk their horn in an attempt to force the driver to go faster or move off the road.

When this happens, the forward driver may get nervous and pay more attention to the car behind them than what’s in front, or even tap their brakes in an effort to make the tailgater back off. But this is another form of aggressive behavior, and it’s dangerous to everyone on the road. In fact, more than half of all fatal vehicle crashes are caused by aggressive drivers.

The injuries sustained in a rear-end collision can be anywhere from minor to severe to devastating. How fast the vehicles are traveling as well as their size and weight can have a lot to do with how severe the injuries. Even low-speed rear-impacts can cause muscle and tendon injuries like whiplash, that can take months to heal, if not longer. High-speed impacts can cause internal injuries including head, chest, and spinal injuries.

Proving that you have been hit by a tailgater can be difficult if there are no witnesses, so you need a legal team with the resources and know-how to reconstruct the accident using evidence from the scene.

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