Frontal Lobe Damage

Frontal Lobe Damage

Imagine being unable to connect with the people around you. Imagine not being able to communicate your thoughts and needs, and losing your ideas, opinions, gestures and facial expression, and all the little quirks that make you the person you are. That’s what happens when the frontal lobe of the brain is damaged in a car accident.

Injury Effects

Frontal lobe damage is one of the most serious types of traumatic brain damage that occurs in car crashes. This type of injury occurs to the part of the brain that lies behind and above the forehead. It is the part of the brain that functions as ‘command central’ for your personality and how you communicate.

This area of the brain is divided into a right and left hemisphere. The left hemisphere deals with language and logical thinking, while the right hemisphere deals more with communications and creativity. The right side also helps you identify facial expressions and pick up the meaning of someone’s tone of voice.

Damage to the left hemisphere may affect verbal skills, language skills, and positive emotions, while damage to the right will affect non-verbal communications and negative emotions. The severity of dysfunction you may experience will depend on the location, nature and extent of the damage. The doctor who treats you will need to test your language, memory, social behaviors, motor skills, impulse control, speech, and more through a complete neuropsychological evaluation.


When an injury occurs to this area of the brain, the effects can be significant and long-term, if not permanent. Treatment and rehabilitation can make a difference and help you to regain some of degree of how you functioned before the crash.

  • Strengthen existing skills
  • Compensate for lost skills
  • Regulate emotions
  • Curb impulsive behaviors *source

Rehabilitation for this type of brain injury may take a great deal of time but will gradually help you adapt to a new type of relationship with yourself and those around you.

How We Help

If you have suffered frontal lobe damage in a car crash that was caused by someone else, it is important that you file for maximum compensation for your injury. Your road to recovery may be long, and the last thing you need is to worry about how you will pay your bills, earn an income, and cover the costs of your medical expenses. Contact us today to learn more about your legal rights to injury compensation and how we protect those rights.

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