Have You Been in a Car Accident Involving a Company Car

Have You Been in a Car Accident Involving a Company Car

In a car accident, the at-fault driver is usually legally responsible for the injuries and property loss of the person they hit. Typically, in the simplest scenario, you and the other driver exchange information and the at-fault driver’s insurance company offers you a settlement. But what about if you are hit by someone driving a company vehicle? Is the driver or the company responsible for the crash? The answer is, it depends.

Many factors are analyzed when there is a crash, including if alcohol or drugs were involved, the weather conditions, the rate of speed, and the vehicle operators’ behaviors leading up to the accident. When a crash involves a company car though, there are more factors that need to be examined, including whether the driver was on the clock and doing job related activities or using the vehicle for personal use.

Depending upon the laws of the state in which the accident occurred, as well as specific company policies, the employer of the driver who hit you could be responsible for the crash if at the time, the employee was engaged in work for that employer. However, if at the time of the accident the employee was using the vehicle for personal use, the employee may be personally responsible.

But if the employer was negligent in hiring the employee, then the company would be responsible for the accident. Employer negligence could include such factors as failing to ensure the driver had a current driver’s license, had no history of drunk or drugged driving, and that the employee is safe and knowledgeable behind the wheel.

If you can prove that the driver’s employer failed to have reasonable and proper safety policies, and failed to ensure that it’s drivers comply with federal and state safety and highway laws then the company would be liable for the crash.

While determining the responsibility of the accident can be complex and often requires evidence collection and thorough investigation, doing so can often increase the amount of damages you may receive.

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