How Do I Request a Copy of My Car Accident Report in Idaho?

How Do I Request a Copy of My Car Accident Report in Idaho?

By law, you are required to report car accidents in Idaho that result in injury, death, or property damage totaling $1,500 or more. The easiest way to report the accident is to call 911. The responding officer will write and file the accident report for you. However, it is up to you to request the report. You can request the report online or in person from the law enforcement agency who responded to the accident.

If you are unsure of the agency who responded to the accident, it can be difficult to request the report. Our Idaho car accident attorneys can help you with this step. We routinely request copies of collision reports for clients. Instead of adding to your stress, you can focus on your health while our attorneys take care of your claim.

What Agency Has My Collision Report?

If your accident occurs within the city, the local police department responds to your accident. However, if the collision occurs on a county road or highway, the county sheriff’s office or the state police have jurisdiction.

The Idaho State Police allow you to request your crash report online. The online request is user-friendly and provides instructions for each step. It helps if you have your case number; however, it is not required to request a copy of the report. You may also request a copy of the collision report from your local Patrol District.

You may be able to access a downloadable copy of your crash report through the Idaho Transportation Department’s website. Copies of reports coast $9.00 when purchased online. If your report is not available through either website, you need to contact the local office that responded to your accident to obtain a copy of the accident report.

Why Do I Need a Copy of the Collision Report?

There are details contained in your crash report that can help you as you prepare your insurance claim. For example, a report has the names and contact information for each driver involved in the collision. It also has details about how the crash occurred and the officer’s determination of fault. Other details that a report may contain include the road and weather conditions; whether alcohol or drugs were involved; and, if a traffic citation was issued to either driver.

Collision reports are usually not admissible in court as evidence, but they do provide vital information that your attorney can use when investigating your crash. An insurance company may want “proof” the crash occurred. A police report may be sufficient documentation to process the claim, depending on the facts of the case and whether the cause of the crash is disputed.

Our Idaho car accident attorney can answer any questions you may have about the claims process or your accident report.

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