Iowa Fatal Truck Accident Statistics

Iowa Fatal Truck Accident Statistics

Iowa has seen a decrease in the number of fatal accidents it has reported since 2006 with a total of 320 in 2015, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). For 2015, there were 320 fatalities, which is down from 439 in 2006. The state also dropped below the national average per 100,000 population with 10.24 as opposed to 10.92 for the US.

On the other hand, deaths related to truck crashes have seen a slight increase over the past few years with the exception of large truck accident fatalities which have dropped. In fact, the number of large trucks involved in fatal traffic accidents has been cut in half from 12 in 2011 to 6 in 2015.

Going in the opposite direction, pickup trucks have been involved in 71 deaths in 2015, which is up from 63 in 2011. Utility truck-related deaths are similar for the two years with 42 in 2015 and 41 in 2011. This down from 52 in 2012 but up from the 32 in 2014. The number of vans involved in fatal crashes decreased in 2015 with 12 after seeing continual increases from 2011 when there were 13. The highest point came in 2013 when there were 26 fatalities.

The county with the most deaths from truck accidents is Benton County with nine. Second place goes to Mahaska County with six. Scott County claims the top spot for the most light truck fatalities with 11, which was a significant increase from prior years. Tied for second is Benton and Woodbury counties with five each. While Woodbury dropped from the prior year, Benton County’s numbers rose. In fact, Woodbury County had claimed the top spot in 2014 with eight deaths. Most other counties saw three or fewer light truck fatalities and several can even claim zero for their totals.

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