How Do I Get a Copy of My Car Accident Report in Louisiana?

How Do I Get a Copy of My Car Accident Report in Louisiana?

Obtaining a copy of your car accident report is a crucial step in the injury claim process. The report provides information that you need if you want to recover compensation from the other driver. However, the police officer completing a report does not provide a copy of the report at an accident scene. You must request a copy of a car accident report from the correct agency. In most cases, it takes seven to ten business days before a report is available.

When you hire an attorney, the attorney takes care of getting the report for you. Our Louisiana car accident lawyers routinely request copies of reports for our clients. It is our goal to make the process of filing an injury claim as stress-free for you as possible. Therefore, we do the legwork for you. However, you can obtain a copy of the traffic report yourself by following the instructions below.

Who Do I Contact for A Copy of The Accident Report?

Depending on where your accident occurred and which law enforcement agency responded to an accident scene, there may be more than one way to request a copy of a report.

1State Police

If the Louisiana State Police (LSP) responded to the scene, you can request a copy of your crash report online. The Louisiana State Police Statewide Crash Reports website allows individuals to view a limited preview of the actual report and pay for a full downloadable copy.

You can also visit your local Troop Office to obtain a copy. Please note, fatal car crash reports may only be obtained in person at a local Troop Office.
Some Louisiana parish sheriff offices and city police departments participate in the online report system known as At this time only 12 departments make their crash reports available through the website. To purchase a report, you must have the report number or the last name of an involved party, date of the accident, and the reporting agency. You pay for the report and download a copy.
3Local Offices

In some cases, you may need to contact the local police or sheriff office to request a copy of the traffic accident report. Each office has a specific procedure for requesting and obtaining copies and fees may vary by office. Some departments, such as the City of New Orleans, provide access to reports online while others require that you appear in person or mail in a request.

You can find a list of the sheriff and police offices in Louisiana on the USA Cops website. Click on the parish or city to be directed to the contact information for that department.

Why You Need a Copy of Your Report

The crash report is written documentation that an accident occurred. You need this evidence when you file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. You need to review your report to ensure the information is correct. Sometimes, a police officer may make a mistake such as using the wrong name for the road where the accident occurred. This may not seem like a serious problem, but later in your case, it could become an issue, especially if you file a lawsuit. It is best to request any corrections as soon as possible after the report is filed. If you require assistance, our Louisiana accident attorneys are here to help you throughout the injury claim process.

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