How Do You File A Car Accident Report In Louisiana?

How Do You File A Car Accident Report In Louisiana?

When you are in a motor vehicle accident in Louisiana, your first priority is to seek emergency medical attention for injuries. However, you must also file a car accident report pursuant to Louisiana law if the collision resulted in injuries or damage over $100. Because a minor traffic accident can easily result in more than $100, it is best to report all car accidents.

The easiest way to file a traffic report is to call 911 and request a police officer. The police officer will complete a Uniform Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Report. The police report is not evidence in a courtroom; however, the information contained in a police report can be very useful when preparing an injury claim.

Our attorneys can help you gather the evidence you need, including a copy of the collision report, to prepare a strong and solid injury claim. Don’t let the insurance adjuster convince you that you don’t need an attorney; the adjuster works for the insurance company. You need someone working on your side who has your best interest as their top priority.

What Information Can I Find in an Accident Report?

The Uniform Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Report is the form used by law enforcement agencies in Louisiana to file a police report for a motor vehicle accident. The information contained in the report can be useful as your attorney conducts an independent accident investigation. Some of the key information that is included in a traffic report includes:

  • Date and time of crash
  • Number of vehicles involved
  • Exact location of the crash
  • Diagram of how the crash occurred
  • Details about the crash, including the officer’s narrative
  • Whether photographs were taken at the accident scene
  • Roadway conditions
  • Primary and secondary factors of causation
  • Investigating officer’s information (i.e. badge number, investigating agency, etc.)
  • Whether EMS responded and whether anyone was transported to the emergency room
  • Information about each vehicle involved (i.e. make, model, year, VIN, license plate number, etc.)
  • Information about each driver including driver’s license number
  • Vehicle owner information
  • Occupant information
  • Insurance information for each driver

The report contains much more information. Once you receive a copy of the report, you should review the entire report for errors. Errors should be reported to the officer immediately with a request for correction.

Why Do I Need an Accident Report?

In addition to providing key details and information about the drivers and the crash, a traffic report is an official document confirming that the accident occurred. If you are filing a claim against the other driver’s insurance coverage, the company will require proof of the accident. If you didn’t call 911, it would be your word against the other driver’s word that the collision occurred. By calling 911 to have a police report filed, you have proof that the accident occurred.

Our Louisiana car accident attorneys strongly urge you to report all traffic accidents to the police immediately and take steps to protect your legal right to recover compensation for your damages, losses, and injuries.

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