Louisiana Fatal Truck Accident Statistics

Louisiana Fatal Truck Accident Statistics

Louisiana reported 726 traffic deaths in 2015, which was a significant drop from 2006, 2007 and 2008 with more than 900 each year. The lowest year was in 2011 with 680, but the numbers have slowly been increasing since. Louisiana has a higher rate of fatalities than the national average. Compared to the US average of 10.92 per 100,000 population, the state’s rate is 15.54.

Truck fatalities have seen a slight decrease from 2011 to 2015. For instance, pickup truck-related deaths have dropped from 156 in 2011 to 141 in 2015. The number of utility trucks involved in fatal crashes has also decreased from 73 in 2011 to 71 in 2015. However, the highest year was in 2014 with 87.

Van-related fatalities have fluctuated with the highest year being 2011 at 17 and the lowest year being 2014 with 8. 2015 increased again to 16. Large trucks were involved in 7 deaths in 2015, which was a decrease from all previous years. In 2011, there were 11 deaths, but the high point came a year later with 22 in 2012.

Louisiana has parishes instead of counties, and the parish with the highest number of large truck fatalities is a tie between Caddo Parish and East Baton Rouge Parish with five. Most parishes have three or fewer large truck deaths for 2015.

Orleans Parish has the highest number of fatalities involving light trucks, such as pickups and vans. It has a record of 12 deaths for 2015. Several counties fall in second place with 11, including Tangipahoa, Iberia, East Baton Rouge and Calcasieu parishes. Eleven seems to be the high point for each county though they have experienced different numbers in other years. East Baton Rouge Parish continues to have high numbers, but they are down from 2011 when there were 14 deaths.

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