Maryland Motorcycle Fatality Statistics

Maryland Motorcycle Fatality Statistics

Maryland reported 75 motorcycle fatalities in 2015. This number is up slightly from the previous two years but down just a bit from the three years prior to that, according to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In fact, the number of deaths in 2015 from motorcycle crashes was down significantly from 2007 and 2008 when there were 96 and 91 reported, respectively.

Of those who were killed on motorcycles in 2015, 69 were wearing helmets and only six did not. Maryland has a universal motorcycle helmet law, which means that every rider is required to wear a helmet regardless of their age. According to the same report from NHTSA, Maryland had a 92 percent helmet usage in 2015, which saved 41 lives. At 100 percent wear, it would have saved two more lives.

The state recorded 125,283 registrations for motorcycles in 2014 with a fatality rate per 100,000 of 55.08. This rate is down from previous years even though the number of registrations have held steady with the exception of 2013 when it dropped to less than 100,000.

The majority of victims in motorcycle accidents were in the 20-29 age range with 22 deaths. Next were those in the 30-39 age range with 15. There was only one fatality for riders under 20 years old.

Almost every county in Maryland reported at least one motorcycle-related death in 2015 with three counties and Baltimore City reporting between six and fifteen. Baltimore County had seven to report, which was up slightly from 2014 with five but down from previous years.

Montgomery County, on the western side of Maryland, reported eight deaths for the same year. Prince George’s County, which is located right next to Montgomery County, had the highest number in Maryland with 14, which is less than the previous year.

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