Minnesota Crash Statistics

Minnesota Crash Statistics

In 2014, Minnesota saw a 6.7 percent decrease in the number of traffic fatalities from the prior year, but still averaged about 215 crashes, 81 injuries, one traffic death each day. In fact, 78,396 crashes were reported that year involving 143,681 vehicles and 190,070 people. In those accidents, 361 people died, and another 29,439 were injured.

Many of these traffic fatalities involved at least one negligent driving behavior, such as speeding or drunk driving. Moreover, while seatbelt use is believed to be up to 95 percent, at least 93 people who died in accidents were not wearing their restraints.

Drunk driving remains a significant issue in the state, even though a ten-year look back shows the numbers of those who chose to drink and drive has steadily declined. Still, drunk drivers were involved in 3,453 crashes that took the lives of 111 people and caused 2,040 injuries, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety reports.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driving faster than the posted speed limit, driving too fast for the conditions of the road, and speeding, in general, killed another 111 people in 2014, a significant increase from 84 in 2013.

Helmets are not mandatory in Minnesota, and the rates of unhelmeted rider fatalities reflect this. In fact, 29 unhelmeted riders died in traffic incidents in 2014 falling from 34 the prior year. The NHTSA estimates that helmets could have saved 13 additional lives at 100 percent usage.

The state’s adoption of the Graduated Driver’s License system has shown remarkable results, decreasing the number young drivers involved in fatal crashes from 108 in 2005 down to 38 in 2014. This program is credited with saving countless lives by giving new drivers the time they need to enhance their skills.

Pedestrian deaths have decreased significantly over a ten-year period with 17 pedestrians killed in 2014 and another 837 injured in motor vehicle accidents. Statistically, one of the dangerous things a pedestrian can do is cross a road that doesn’t have a crosswalk or crossing signal. In fact, 24 percent of those who were injured and 18 percent of those who were killed were crossing with no signal or crosswalk lane.

There were 776 bicycle crashes in 2014 injuring 755 cyclists and killing five more. Law enforcement lists failure to yield the right of way as one of the most common contributing factors in these accidents with driver distraction or inattention as the second most cited contributing factor. More than 42 percent of cyclists involved in motor vehicle crashes were riding with traffic.

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