North Carolina Fatal Bus Accident Statistics

North Carolina Fatal Bus Accident Statistics

There was a total of 115 fatal crashes involving large trucks and buses in North Carolina for 2015. These crashes led to 130 deaths for the year with 120 large vehicles involved. This information is according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These numbers are up from the previous year, which had 121 fatalities. However, it is down from 2013 with 139. Only 18 crashes involved a single vehicle. According to the report, most accidents with large trucks and buses involve one other vehicle.

North Carolina has a slightly higher ratio of fatalities per one million people than the US average. The national average is 11.19 as opposed to 11.45 for the state. This number was an increase from 2010 when the ratio was 10.28. While the number of fatal crashes has gone up, the population has increased significantly as well.

According to the FMCSA report, the majority of accidents involving large vehicles occur during the day on weekdays in nice weather. Almost none of them happen in work zones. Even though the number of buses registered in the US has almost doubled, the rate of deaths per million miles driven has gone down from 5.75 in 1975 to 1.77 in 2014.

Over half of the counties in North Carolina have reported at least one fatality while the majority of them have had fewer than six for 2015. Six counties reported between six and fifteen deaths for the year. Mecklenburg County reported nine large vehicle deaths for the year while Buncombe had seven. Wake reported eight, and Rockingham County and Forsyth County each had six deaths for 2015. Guilford County reported 10 deaths from large vehicles for the year. The majority of these crashes occurred in the central part of the state.

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