Not in Road- where the person gets hit by a vehicle while on the sidewalk, alley

Not in Road- where the person gets hit by a vehicle while on the sidewalk, alley

Car collisions with pedestrians can happen in unexpected places, such as driveways, parking lots, alleys, and even sidewalks.  In these accidents, either the pedestrian or driver or both tend to be distracted in some way or are otherwise not paying close enough attention to what they are doing.

Pedestrian-Vehicle Collisions on the Rise

Car accidents involving pedestrians have been on the rise, with approximately 70,000 pedestrians injured and over 5,000 pedestrians killed in vehicle collisions in 2015 according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.  In 2016, this statistic jumped even higher, with over 6,000 pedestrians killed as found in a study done by the Governor’s Highway Safety Administration.  With these figures still on the rise, both pedestrians and drivers need to be extremely vigilant about their surroundings and watching where they are going.

Reasons for the Rise in Pedestrian-Vehicle Collisions

There are a few different possible reasons for the increase in pedestrian-vehicle accidents.  Some experts believe it may have to do with lower gas prices resulting in more vehicles on the road and thus more potential for collisions.  Another possibility is that with the growth in technology in recent years, both drivers and pedestrians are more focused on their phones, using texting and social media as they walk or drive.  Whatever the cause, both pedestrians, and drivers must be aware of their surroundings and focused on what they are doing to avoid accidents as a result of distractions.

The Dangers of Driveways, Parking Lots, and Other Non-Roadway Locations for Pedestrians

Pedestrians need to take extra precautions near vehicles, even outside of the roadway.  Parking lots can be particularly dangerous with vehicles moving in and out of parking spots with many pedestrians walking to and from their cars.  Driveways can also be very dangerous for children, who are at risk for back over accidents, due to their small size combined with the fact that drivers backing up may have blind spots.

What Should I do If I have Been Hit by A Vehicle as a Pedestrian Outside of the Road?

If you have suffered injuries as a result of a vehicle hitting you while in a location outside of the roadway, such as a driveway, parking lot, alley, or sidewalk, you have the potential to get compensation.  If the facts of your case demonstrate that the driver is liable or partially liable, depending on your state, you could be entitled to a settlement or award.  The settlement or award may include money for the medical bills you had to pay as a result of the accident, money to compensate you for missed days of work to get treatment for your injuries, and even some money designed to make you whole for the pain and suffering you went through because of the accident.

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