Ohio Fatal Bus Accident Statistics

Ohio Fatal Bus Accident Statistics

A total of 167 people were killed in large truck and bus accidents in Ohio in 2015. This is a significant increase from the 130 reported in 2014, which was up by just one from 2013. In fact, this is the largest number since 2006 when 177 deaths were reported.

These deaths were caused by 156 fatal crashes for the year, up from 114 for the prior year. A total of 186 large vehicles were involved, which indicates several crashes involved multiple large trucks or buses. In fact, only 22 were single-vehicle accidents. This information was reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Ohio has a fatality rate of 13.43 per one million people as compared to the 11.19 for the national average. The number is up significantly from 2010, which reported a rate of 9.88. While the population has increased slightly, the number of fatal accidents has gone up even more. This is in contrast to the national rate, which has gone done compared to the growing number of buses on the road. In 1975, only about 462,000 buses were registered while there are more than 872,000 registered as of 2014. At the same time, the rate of fatalities per one million miles driven has dropped dramatically from 5.75 to 1.77.

While the majority of counties in Ohio have reported at least one large vehicle fatality, most have fewer than six for 2015. The exception is four counties, two in the north part, one in the eastern portion and one in the central part of the state.

Franklin County reported seven deaths in 2015 due to large vehicles while Cuyahoga County had six. Mahoning County tripled their number from 2014 with nine for 2015. Wood County also reported nine, which was up from five reported the year before.

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