Oklahoma Mature Driving Laws

Oklahoma Mature Driving Laws

Most states have special rules for mature drivers, be they shorter renewal times, road skills tests, or physical and vision exams. Oklahoma, however, does not impose special rules on senior drivers, in fact, the rules and fees are the same for all drivers up to the age of 62 when the renew fee is reduced.

All Oklahoma drivers are required to renew their driver’s license every four years. Renewals are conducted in person by the Department of Public Safety, and a vision test is given to all applicants. DPS personnel can require additional testing by an eye doctor if you fail the vision test. You may also be required to complete the written knowledge test or the road skills test at DPS discretion.

Restrictions and Conditions

The Department of Public Service can impose a restriction or condition on your license if they believe doing so will increase public safety. The most common restriction placed on a mature driver’s license is to require you to wear glasses while driving.

Some other of the more common restrictions imposed include requiring that you drive only automatic transmission vehicles, or vehicles with power steering, turn indicators or left outside rearview mirrors. If you wear a prosthetic device, you may be required to do so when you operate a vehicle, or if you have a health condition, like diabetes, you may be required to have measures in the vehicles, such as fruit or candy for an insulin dependent diabetic driver.

Driving Schools

Nothing shows your independence quite as much as driving. Yet, as we age, driving can make us feel nervous and anxious. If you find you prefer to drive with a co-pilot or your vehicle is showing too many dents and dings, you might want to consider taking a senior driving refresher course. Not only will taking a driving class make sure you are safe on the road, but it can also improve your confidence and affirm your skills.

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