Oklahoma Fatal Truck Accident Statistics

Oklahoma Fatal Truck Accident Statistics

Oklahoma saw 643 traffic fatalities in 2015 which is a decrease from all other years from 2011, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The state has seen an overall decline during this time. While Kansas is still above the national average per 100,000 population at 16.44 as compared to 10.92, it is still a drop from 18.38 in 2011 when the US average was 10.42.

For the most part, truck fatalities have also decreased during this time. Pickup truck-related deaths have seen the largest decrease even though they have the highest percentage of truck fatalities. In 2011, the total was 153 while the number dropped to 121 in 2015. This came after the highest point in 2014 with 174.

Utility trucks have seen similar numbers with 82 deaths in 2011 and 78 in 2015. The high point for this category was in 2012 with 95. Van-related deaths have held steady with 20 in 2011 and 21 in 2015. The high point for this category was in 2012 with 27. Large trucks had the exact same numbers in 2011 as 2015 with 27 deaths. A drastic increase was noted in 2014 with 41.

Grady and Oklahoma counties tied for first place for large truck-related fatalities with seven. This was a drop for Oklahoma County while Grady County held steady from the previous year. Oklahoma County came in first for light truck deaths with 22, which was up from previous years but lower than its high in 2012 with 30. Second place was Tulsa County with 11, which is showing a steady decrease. Third place went to Rogers County with 10, which is up from previous years with a rather dramatic increase. LeFlore County had the largest increase from six to ten while Bryan County went from 11 to three for the largest decrease from the prior year.

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