Organ Damage Suffered in a Car Crash

Organ Damage Suffered in a Car Crash

Most internal injuries are particularly dangerous because they are unseen and the extent of damage may be difficult to determine. It’s the risk of suffering injury to an internal organ that makes it so important to get a medical evaluation following a crash. Delaying treatment may be life-threatening and often there is no clear symptom that indicates the severity of damage.

Internal injuries can occur in any accident but are commonly seen in vehicle-to-vehicle accidents, especially in the case of occupant ejections. Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle riders have no protection at all from a vehicle, so when they are struck by a vehicle organ damage in common.

Types of Injury

Internal bleeding is caused when an organ suffers trauma, or a blood vessel is cut. Internal bleeding can cause organ damage, and a delay in treatment can lead to a life-threatening situation.

Traumatic Brain injury includes injuries like concussion which may heal quickly, to severe brain damage including frontal lobe damage and subarachnoid hemorrhage which impair your cognitive function, emotions, and force you to adapt to a whole new way of life.

Typically when we think of internal injury from bone fractures, we think of broken ribs puncturing a lung or blood vessel. But spinal cord injury is also common and occurs when the delicate spinal cord and nerve roots are damaged. These types of injury can lead to permanent numbness, incontinence, and paralysis.

Catastrophic internal injury to one or more vital organs may occur in serious accidents, and in some cases may be deemed wrongful death.

About Compensation

When filing for compensation for these types of severe injuries current and future medical expenses must be included, as well as the costs for all rehabilitation and therapy you may need. You will also include the expected costs of injury-related expenses such as any personal care you may need and even the costs of transportation to and from your medical appointments.

How We Help

If you or a family has suffered internal injury and organ damage, or if these injuries caused your loved one to die, you may be able to collect compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of potential earnings, plus medical expenses and other damages. Wrongful death compensation may be available to those who lose a family member from these types of accident injuries. Contact us today to learn how we fight to get you the maximum compensation you need and deserve or your injuries and losses.

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