Override accidents

Override accidents

Override car accidents typically involve a commercial truck and a passenger-size vehicle.  These accidents occur when the commercial truck drives over the smaller vehicle.  This typically happens as a result of two vehicles colliding, and the size and weight of the truck, along with its built-up momentum, cause the truck to overtake the smaller car as a result of the collision.  Override accidents can result in serious injury or death, along with significant property damage to the vehicles.

If you experienced bodily injury because of an override accident, contact our team of lawyers right away.  As a national law firm, we have many attorneys in every state who can fight for your compensation rights.  Our brilliant and experienced attorneys can look at the details of your accident with you and advise you of your best legal options.  In cases involving the negligence of a commercial truck driver, there may be two parties to pursue your case against.  These two parties will typically be the at-fault driver and the company that owns the commercial truck.

Causes of Override Accidents

These accidents can happen due to any of the below factors, or even more than one of these reasons at a time.

Driver Fatigue – It is not uncommon for commercial truck drivers to work long driving shifts on little sleep.  If the driver is overtired, he or she could negligently operate the truck, leading to an override accident when the truck overtakes a small car.

Driving Too Fast for Conditions – Another reason an override accident may occur is that the truck driver is traveling too fast down the roadway for the present conditions.  Driving too quickly for conditions can mean the truck driver is driving under the speed limit, but due to the poor weather or high traffic conditions, the speed they are going is improper.

Improper Maintenance or Brake Failure – There can be a finding of negligence against the company that owns the truck is if the commercial truck has not been properly maintained, resulting in a collision. Additionally, if the truck’s brakes failed causing the truck to propel forward and override a passenger vehicle, there may also be negligence on the part of the trucking company.

Improper Loading – An additional cause of an override collision is the improper loading of the materials being carried on the commercial truck.  There are regulations that vary from state to state governing the correct weight and volume for materials to be loaded onto trucks. If these regulations are not followed, there could be a finding of negligence.

Compensation for Override Collisions

If you have been injured in an override collision, you likely have substantial injuries as a result of the accident.  If the other driver and/or the trucking company is found to be at-fault for the accident, you may be able to recover money in a settlement of your case.  A settlement may include money to pay your medical bills due to the accident, money for the pain and suffering you endured because of the accident, and also money to compensate you for the time you lost from work because of the treatment you needed to recover for your injuries.  Contact one of our attorneys today to discuss your legal rights.

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