Rhode Island Fatal Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Rhode Island Fatal Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the state of Rhode Island reported 45 traffic deaths for 2015. The rate of traffic fatalities per 100,000 is much lower than the US average. The national average is 10.92 as compared to Rhode Island at 4.26. Motorcycle-related deaths account for 20 percent of the total at 9 for the year. This number is down slightly from the two previous years and almost half the total for 2006, which had 16.

Rhode Island has a state helmet law that requires all persons under the age of 20 and all passengers regardless of age to wear a helmet. All drivers in their first year of licensure must also wear a helmet. Because of this law, about 56 percent of riders in fatal motorcycle accidents wore helmets. This number is up significantly from the previous year at 30 percent.

The majority of people killed in motorcycle accidents for 2015 were between the ages of 20 and 29 with four deaths reported. One death was reported under the age of 20 and another death was reported for those over 59. Two deaths were reported for the age bracket of 30-39.

All but one county in Rhode Island reported at least one motorcycle fatality, but none had more than five deaths for the year. Bristol was the lone county to report zero motorcycle deaths for 2015. Kent County reported two, which was up from one in 2014. Newport County reported one fatality, which is the same number as in 2014 and down from the two in 2013. Providence County had the highest number with three, but this is less than half the total of 2014, which recorded seven deaths. Washington County also had three, but this number was up from 2014 when there was just one reported.

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