The Tragedy of Backover Accidents

The Tragedy of Backover Accidents

Some of the most horrific types of accidents occur when a vehicle backs up and strikes a pedestrian in the process. These accidents can be particularly upsetting because they often involve children. Even though cars typically back up at a low speed, these types of collisions can still result in extreme injury or death due to the size of the vehicle striking or driving over the pedestrian, who all too often is just a child. These accidents occur most commonly in driveways and parking lots.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has conducted studies on this topic and discovered that each year, there are approximately 17,000 injuries and 228 deaths caused by these types of collisions. One of the most heartbreaking aspects of backover car accidents is that the driver often knows the victim. The victim may be the driver’s own child or relative, or even a neighbor’s child. This personal connection makes the accident particularly tragic.

Each week, about fifty children are injured in backover accidents. These accidents are preventable. Many cars have upgraded safety features in place for this purpose, which include rearview cameras and backup sensors. These features can help alert the driver of pedestrians in their path.

There are many other ways to prevent backover accidents:

  • As a driver, make sure that you walk all the way around your vehicle before you backup. That way you can make sure that there is no one in your path before you drive your vehicle
  • Keep toys and other objects out of your driveway to remove the temptation for children to play in the driveway
  • Ensure that your children stay safely in your home with proper locks on doors so that they cannot leave the house and potentially be out in the driveway without you being aware of it
  • When you back up in a driveway or parking lot, roll down your window so that you can hear for any verbal cues to indicate that someone may be behind your vehicle
  • Make sure that you teach your kids not to play in the driveway
  • Be aware of your blind zones as a driver and take that into consideration when operating your vehicle

If you or someone you love has been injured in a backover accident, you should speak with one of our attorneys right away. We can evaluate your case and determine if you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. Common injuries in these kinds of accidents include lacerations, fractures, and concussions. You or your family members may be faced with large amounts of medical bills. You may be forced to miss work and as a result, lose out on wages due to your injuries. Finally, your injuries may cause you extreme pain and suffering.

You might be entitled to financial compensation to pay for your medical bills, recover your lost wages, and also an additional sum based on the pain and suffering you endured as a result of the collision. Backover accidents can be incredibly traumatic for both the driver and the victim along with their families. It is important to keep safety measures in mind to help avoid backover accidents, whether you are a driver or a pedestrian since these types of accidents can produce tragic results.

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