Types of Pedestrian Car Accidents

Types of Pedestrian Car Accidents

A pedestrian is injured on U.S. roadway every eight minutes, and another is killed every two hours. In fact, about 4,884 pedestrians in 2014 in car accidents and another 65,000 were injured. In 90 percent of these accidents, the pedestrian was hit by a single vehicle.

According to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials pedestrian motor vehicle accidents can be grouped into about 12 crash types: *source

  • Midblock Dart/Dash – where the person walked into the roadway into the path of auto
  • Multiple Threat – where a person entered the roadway in front of stopped traffic and was hit by a vehicle traveling in the same direction as the stopped traffic.
  • Midblock Mailbox or Other – individual is struck getting in or out of the vehicle or while crossing road to or from a mailbox, newspaper box, ice cream truck, etc.
  • Failure to Yield at Unsignalized Location – where the individual is hit when stepping onto a roadway that has no traffic control sign or signal.
  • Bus-related – The person was hit by a vehicle while crossing in front of a bus, or going to or from or waiting at a school or commercial bus stop.
  • Intersection Turning Vehicle – where a person is hit while crossing at an intersection by a vehicle turning right or left.
  • Intersection Through Vehicle – pedestrian is hit while crossing an intersection by a vehicle traveling straight.
  • Walking Along Roadway – the pedestrian is struck from the front or behind while walking along the roadway.
  • Working in Road – pedestrian is hit while working in road, playing in road, or standing or walking near their disabled vehicle.
  • Not in Road – where the person gets hit by a vehicle while on the sidewalk, alley, driveway, parking lot.
  • Backing Vehicle – pedestrian is struck by a vehicle backing up in a parking lot, sidewalk, driveway, or street.
  • Crossing Expressway – the pedestrian is hit while crossing a limited access expressway or ramp.

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable of all roadway users and unfortunately, the fatality rate for this group has risen in recent years, despite the efforts of federal, state, and local agencies to improve safety.

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