What Causes SUV Roof Crush Injuries?

What Causes SUV Roof Crush Injuries?

A rollover is one of the worst vehicle accidents you can be involved with. These vehicle accidents occur when a vehicle hits something and loses control and rolls onto its side or roof. Sport utility vehicles are the most notorious for a rollover crash, but it can happen with any vehicle.

How It Happens

A tall vehicle that is also narrow, like with an SUV or a pickup truck, is more prone to rollover accidents. Their center of gravity is higher on the vehicle than with a car. When a vehicle is moving at a fast speed, and suddenly changes direction, the force of gravity causes it to tip over when the driver loses control.

In addition, a vehicle that has too much grip, as with vehicles that have deep tread tires, is more likely to have a rollover in an accident. Too much force builds up before the vehicle loses control, which gives it more momentum to roll over.

Any interference with the forward motion of a vehicle can lead to one of these crashes. While it often happens in a collision, it can also occur when the vehicle runs over a curb or a small obstacle.

Roof Crush Injuries in a Rollover

An additional problem with a rollover is a crushed roof. When the vehicle lands on its roof, the frame is supposed to remain relatively intact. However, some SUVs have a weak roof, which causes it to be crushed and fold inward. This results in more serious injuries than from the original accident.

A crushed roof can also cause the windshield to break, resulting in cuts and lacerations. A person may suffer serious head and spinal cord injuries. Fatalities are also higher in rollover accidents. With the windshield and other windows breaking, there is an increased likelihood of ejections, which also increases the chance of the person sustaining fatal injuries.

A victim of a roof crush injury may have weeks or months of recovery or even suffer permanent damage. Your medical bills are likely to be substantial, and you may even be off work for an extended period. All of this creates a financial as well as a physical and emotional burden on you and your family.

If you have suffered through an accident such as a rollover, compensation can be received from the responsible party. However, many insurance companies will try to prove the victim is at fault to avoid paying the claim. An experienced personal injury attorney can fight for the rights of the victim and help you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

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