When a Car Door Opens in Front of Your Motorcycle

When a Car Door Opens in Front of Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle riders are prone to any number of hazards that are generally not the concern of motorists in passenger vehicles. Debris in the roadway, potholes and fender benders from low speed rear-end collisions usually mean minor property damage for a car but can result in serious injury for a motorcyclist. Another unusual hazard is a car door opening into your path of your travel. For a motorcycle rider and passenger, these hazards can easily result in the rider being ejected from the bike.

Who is at Fault?

While a motorist who opens his door into the path of a motorcycle may argue that it is the rider’s responsibility to avoid such situations, it is the motorist who must exercise reasonable care when exiting a vehicle while parked, especially in towns and cities. Bicycles and motorcycles are common in all areas, and riders will travel to the right of an inside lane. It is the responsibility of the driver to look first before opening the door to see if a bike or motorcycle is approaching. Failure to do so is considered negligence in most cases.

Lower Extremity Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

When a car door suddenly opens, and a motorcycle rider sees that a collision is imminent and the rider has no opportunity to avoid it, the impact will likely cause the rider to be ejected forward or to the side. Either event can cause serious injuries to the rider.

Anytime a rider is ejected, he or she risks a head injury that can result in traumatic brain injury. Another danger is injuries to the lower extremities where broken legs, hip, thigh, ankles, and feet are at risk when the rider strikes the car door and is thrown off the bike. Crush injuries are not uncommon when your body strikes pavement or some other object.

A lower extremity injury can cause you to lose months of work and incur thousands in medical expenses. If serious, you could be permanently disabled

Compensation for door accidents is generally obtained from the motorist’s auto liability insurance. You are entitled to medical expenses and lost wages as well as compensation for pain and suffering and emotional trauma. Your personal injury attorney can explain what specific damages you are entitled to and what is involved in proving them.

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