Wyoming Fatal Truck Accident Statistics

Wyoming Fatal Truck Accident Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Wyoming has a much higher rate of fatalities involving a vehicle per 100,000 population than the US average. Wyoming reported 24.74 deaths in 2015 per 100,000 as opposed to the US average of 10.92.

In spite of this statistic, Wyoming has remained steady or even decreased in fatalities involving a truck. No deaths were reported in 2015 for van-related accidents, which was a major decrease from 2011, which saw 22. In 2014, there were 14 deaths reported involving a van. Large trucks have remained about the same with seven deaths in 2015 as opposed to eight in 2011. Five deaths were reported in 2014, which was the low point for the period.

Utility and pickup trucks account for the majority of fatalities involving a truck. However, neither category has seen a major increase over the five-year period. For pickup trucks, 30 deaths were reported in 2011 and 37 in 2015. While this was a slight increase, it was down from 2014 with 40 fatalities. The low point came just the year before in 2013 with 23 deaths.

Utility trucks had similar data with 28 deaths reported in 2011 and 33 in 2015. The low point came in 2013 with 15 deaths. Sweetwater County reported the most deaths involving a large truck with five for 2015, which was an increase from none for the previous year. Laramie County came in second with four, which was steady from prior years.

Laramie County was also number one for light truck fatalities with 12, which is up from previous years. Second on the list was Converse County with eight. The biggest drop came from Sweetwater County which went from nine deaths to four over the past year. Several counties went from no truck-related fatalities to three or four in 2015.

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