A Guide to Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer

A Guide to Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer

We all want the best possible professional for any service we are seeking. Just like we want the best heart surgeon, dentist, contractor or CEO, a legal professional who specializes in and has a proven record of success in handling auto accident claims is desirable.

There are a number of ways that you can go about finding and retaining an auto accident lawyer for your or your loved one’s auto accident claim. The best way is to generate a list of 3 to 5 lawyers for consideration. The attorneys on your list can be found by following this guide:

All or most personal injury lawyers advertise, but many also rely on referrals from past clients and other legal professionals. If you know someone who had an auto accident claim and was satisfied with the result, then you may include the lawyer who handled the matter. Other referrals can be found by contacting your county’s bar association or by asking professionals in other fields such as medicine or finance.
2Web Pages
Every personal injury lawyer needs an online presence because of the intense competition for clients. You can scrutinize the firm and the lawyers online by reviewing their bios, types of cases they handle and professional associations to which they belong. You may also consider if they are involved in your community in any manner. An attorney who has some involvement in community safety, for example, is likely to be someone who is very empathetic to the needs of his/her individual clients.
3What is the Type of Car Accident Claim?
Not all car accidents are alike. For instance, your accident might have involved defective brakes or steering or a road design defect. Was a commercial vehicle involved? Are there multiple claimants? These accidents often are complex and demand an attorney who is knowledgeable about municipal liability, commercial vehicle regulations, and insurance issues. Someone who handles car accident claims in addition to their bankruptcy or family law practice may not have the skills or experience in these types of accidents. Be sure that any lawyer you consider has handled cases that are similar to yours.
4Attorney Ratings
A publication put out by Martindale‐Hubbell contains a list of attorneys in your area that describes their practice, law school, professional memberships and AV ratings. These ratings are peer‐reviewed or based on recommendations and reviews by other lawyers in the same area of practice. Find an attorney with a high rating and who otherwise appears to fit your criteria for having handled similar car accident claims and has been in practice for several years.

The Interview

Once you compile your list, call each attorney and schedule a free consultation. If the attorney charges for the consultation, cross the person off your list. Before your interview, prepare a list of questions and be observant.

If the attorney is a sole practitioner, the office or waiting area may not be luxurious, but this is not necessarily a sign of incompetence. The office should not be full of scattered documents, however, as this may be an indication of someone who is not well‐organized or focused.

Your questions for the attorney may include:

  • Years of practice
  • If injury claims are the main or sole focus of the attorney
  • Whether paralegals will be involved and to what extent‐‐this is common as paralegals handle routine matters and are often very experienced and professional
  • How many personal injury trials has the attorney handled? Many practitioners have little or no trial experience and settle all their cases or refer the ones that do not settle before trial to other attorneys
  • Ask the attorney to explain the entire claim and litigation process
  • Obtain a copy of the contingency agreement and ask questions about it. Few car accident cases are handled on other than a contingency basis. Most attorneys charge a one‐third fee of whatever is recovered, plus costs, and may charge 40% if the claim is filed in court
  • Meet the paralegal who will be handling the routine features of your case
  • Ask what professional organizations the attorney belongs to that are related to personal injury and if he/she has published in this field
  • Get a sense if the attorney is genuinely interested in you and your claim

No attorney should tell you what your case is worth as there are too many factors that can influence the outcome. If liability is at issue, your attorney can address that for you as well. The most important thing is to find a lawyer whom you feel confident has your best interests in mind and who has the resources and skills to handle your particular matter.

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