State Bus Accident Statistics

State Bus Accident Statistics

Bus accidents continue to decline, which is good news. However, there is still room for improvement. In 2014, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported 3,978 buses and large trucks that were involved in crashes resulting in at least one fatality. Of those involved in crashes, the majority are either school buses at 41 percent or transit buses at 33 percent. Intercity bus crashes account for 13 percent.

The causes of the crashes can vary. In some cases, it is not the fault of the driver but of another vehicle which is involved. In other instances, the operator may not have had adequate training. The size of the vehicle makes it difficult for the driver to see other vehicles in the blind spot, which can result in a crash.

There are more than 30,000 buses designed for commercial use on the roadways and over 450,000 school buses. While these modes of transportation are deemed to be safer than passenger vehicles, accidents do still happen. They can result in serious injuries and even death.

A driver should be qualified and trained to drive the bus. The liability for meeting the requirements is up to the company that hires the driver, but they must provide insurance for the driver, whether they will be operating a school bus, shuttle bus or another type of public transportation.

States with more traffic congestion and higher populations will see higher numbers in bus crashes. In metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and New York City where many people commute by bus, you will see more accidents that involve at least one bus. The other party may be a passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian.

Learn about bus accidents and safety initiatives in your state.

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